I graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies with a Masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy .  The word soma means body.  Somatic psychotherapy has a focus on body awareness as well as mind (see my page on body-mind connection) .  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I enjoy working with individuals as well as couples. 

I completed the Professional Training through the Hakomi Institute and incorporate these teachings and style into my practice.  I have done trainings with a number of key teachers in the field of trauma and recovery.  Working with the body is many times crucial in unlocking the "stuck" nature of trauma.  

I  have attended many silent vipassana meditation retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and find the principles of meditation very helpful in guiding people to pay closer attention to their experience.

I became interested in becoming a therapist through the process of doing my own psychotherapy.  It has changed me and my life in profound and deeply healing ways.  As I became more curious about my own inner world I wanted to help others to do the same.  I see psychotherapy as a journey in curiosity.  The more open we allow our curiosity to become,  about all that we experience (pain, joy, loss, gain, connection, alienation etc.) , the more acceptance can permeate our lives. 

It is not necessarily an easy journey.  Sometimes remaining curious or open or present can feel intolerable or even impossible.  Self criticism and negative thinking can feel so strong that anxiety, doubt and numbness prevail. Hitting these places is when having someone to remind you to keep going, keep practicing and sometimes just hold the faith you are lacking, can be very helpful.  I believe psychotherapy can be one of those places of remembrance.

 I am grateful I found this profession and am often in awe of the power of this work.  It is in relationships that we are hurt and through relationships that we heal.  Psychotherapy can be a healing relationship.  I would be honored to sit with you and remind you as often as possible that you are so much bigger than your doubting and critical mind makes you believe.     

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