Hi,  I look forward to meeting you and beginning our work together.  I have been sitting with people for over 20 years now. I know it is not always easy to choose a therapist.  I believe you will know when you have arrived at the right person and the right place.

There are times in most people's lives when they need more support.  

Support to:

         * Get through painful life events

         * Navigate difficult relationships

         *  Gain tools for dealing with depression and anxiety

          *  Learn to use mindfulness and body awareness to calm your mind                     
              and live in the present moment    

          *  Act from desire rather than "shoulds

          *  Quiet self criticism

          *  Have less doubt -- more faith

          *  Stay clear and say what you want when communication 
               gets  "rocky"

           *  Know how to say no and have appropriate boundaries

           *  Build a solid group of friends and community

I like working with people who are searching for more authentic ways to conduct their lives.  Emotional pain is often a result of shaping ourselves to the demands, expectations and needs of others.  Along the way we lose touch with our deepest desires.  We forget that each moment of our experience is an opportunity for change.

I use a talk therapy model with an emphasis on how we hold our emotions and experiences within our bodies.  We tend to over emphasize the power of our minds and somewhat forget about our bodies.  Our sensations (smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing) give us the most immediate perception of our present experience.  The present is where our life is happening.

I can help you identify the ways you think or believe about yourself and the world that limit your relationships, your work and your ability to feel fulfilled.  Together we can build a larger capacity for kindness and compassion toward yourself,  as well as a greater ability to be here now.    

 "Give me an L 
  Give me an I
      Give me a V
    Give me an E

Live!  Live!  Live!

Otherwise you got nothin' 
to talk about in the 
locker room."

-- Maude, from the movie 
Harold and Maude

 Church St & Duncan St, 
Noe Valley, SF, Ca.
(415) 322-9606
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Valarie Eilert
MA, MFT, Somatic